Atsas Training Center

Our Training Center stands in the idyllic countryside location of Katydata, an area dotted with trees and indigenous wildlife. The Center is sheltered in the premises of the revived Elementary School of Skouriotissa, a historical setting which serves ideally the Center’s purpose to foster knowledge and provide opportunity for old and new generations to flourish.

Skouriotissa is in fact a miming settlement also called <settlement sixty>because it comprises of 60 houses. The Cyprus Mine Corporation (CMC) took an old-style, paternalistic attitude towards workers, building a company town around the mine.

Those houses were built in a uniform way each comprising of three rooms. Following the Turkish invasion in 1974, the mine fell north of the cease-fire line in Turkish-occupied Cyprus. The Cyprus Mines Corporation pulled out, claiming it could no longer operate in an area not controlled by the government of Cyprus. The mines were left standing.

Inevitably the settlement was abandoned as a region bordering the occupied area as a <dead zone> an so the abandoned building gradually collapsed.

This building was the elementary school and its students consisted only of the children of the Greek Cypriot miners who live in settlement sixty.

The school building deteriorated over time following the fate of the small houses of the abandoned settlement.

The George and Kaity David Foundation and V. Atsas Organic Products as the educational centre’s two sponsors shouldered the full expense and responsibility for the restoration , renovating the elementary school building while maintaining its original structure and appearance.

Our Training Center, a non-profit organization, has been certified by the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA), as Vocational Training Center and Vocational Training Facility, organizes a variety of events which aim to meet the current and future training needs of the local community. Our Center also hosts multi-company and single-company training seminars, which are recognized by and are organized in collaboration with HRDA.


Encourage the development of agricultural production, the production of food, dairy and other products of the traditional gastronomy and customs of the mountainous and lowland Morphou through training, inspiration and engagement of the residents.

Main source of learning, firsthand, on issues related to the cultivation like the sustainable management of land, biodiversity, and the production of healthy, traditional and safe food from the field to the table.

To offer learning and knowledge on issues that are of interest to the residents and particularly to the young people to inspire activities, which will be based on regional tradition.


To assist the local community (both young and seniors) to stay informed, engaged and connected.

In partnership with the Human Resource Development Authority, Ministries, and other experts to offer a variety of training and seminars (across the year) on business management, safe and healthy food production, and with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), TSG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) registration schemes, land access opportunities, midscale production and adaptation strategies for climate change.

To produce a series of communication material and collaterals that promote the agriculture produce, traditional gastronomy and customs of the lowland and mountainous Morphou and its people.

To help children discover how our food is grown (seasonality) and taste and inform the parents of the advantages of the Mediterranean diet.


Atsas Training Center

Atsas training center Skouriotissa, 2835 Katydata, Nicosia
Nearby is the Monastery of Saint Seraphim of Sarov (acro-ecology)

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