The Company

ATSAS ORGANIC PRODUCTS LTD is a family-run agricultural enterprise, incorporated in 2012 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company has carved a great reputation for its organic products and received, throughout the years, world-wide recognition for the premium quality of the high-phenolic extra virgin olive oil it produces. The company follows eco-friendly cultivation rules and procedures, which safeguard the organic label and superior quality of its multi-awarded extra virgin olive oil.

Atsas Organic Farm

At Atsas, our aim has always been to regenerate and revive the land. Our farm is equipped with eco-friendly facilities and utilizes the latest technology. Correspondingly, our experts who have set their heart to create an innovative farm in Evrychou (Solea Valley), are using advanced agroecological methods and are employing the best available practices to plant and maintain the 7,000 olive trees we grow.


The location of the farm adds to its distinctiveness, as it is situated in the UN buffer zone which incontrovertibly contributed in retaining the land intact for numerous years. The unique conditions of the soil and climate, and the reliance on non-invasive techniques and regenerative farming made significant contributions to the quality of our products. The production process, in its entirety, is completed in the controlled environment of our farm – a strategic decision aiming to safeguard the superior quality of the organic extra virgin olive oil we produce.

Goals and Vision

Our company envisions the creation and maintenance of a sustainable agricultural ecosystem through permaculture. We aim to continue the uninterrupted production of our premium extra virgin olive oil, while using farming practices that support agroecology and meet the needs of the climate and special soil conditions of our farm. Our team works towards turning the land into a unique and fruitful agroecosystem.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy relies exclusively on the discipline of agroecology and permaculture design, with the main aim being the creation of an agricultural ecosystem which imitates natural ecosystems and is characterized by stability and resilience. Resultantly, our farm works in harmony with nature as it employs practices that enhance biodiversity and support the high productivity of our superior-quality olive oil.

Naturally, our company philosophy guides our main actions, which aim at the utilization of the small-scale ecosystems and the development of sustainable farming. These micro-ecosystems have become an inextricable part of the broader ecosystem we have created. In order to protect them, we implement special tools and techniques which promote their functionality. The philosophy we embrace and the unmatched motivation of our team of experts reflect our ambition to continue the production of organic high-phenolic extra virgin olive oil for many years ahead.

Atsas farm takes pride in producing, in 2020, a premium extra virgin olive oil with the highest total phenolic content recorded (4947/mg/kg) among 7854 samples from 15 countries.