Regenerative Agriculture

The philosophy of Atsas Farm is to use the discipline of agro-ecology and permaculture design to create agricultural systems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of a natural ecosystem.

Our goal

We are in the process of turning an arid, rocky and very degraded environment with almost no top soil into a beautifully productive and diverse agro ecosystem, with very limited resources of water.

The result

We are working with nature rather than against her and nature has been very generous rewarding us with the healthiest olive oil in the world!
Our farm is now hosting a incredible variety of mammals, birds, insects and plants. This newfound bio-diversity works in harmony with us helping our production with natural pest control and fertilisation.
Our Oil is also Carbon positive, the farm absorbs vast amount of atmospheric carbon through its biological cycles and our environmental practices. With every litter of Atsas or 7 Elies you buy, it is a minimum of 20kg of carbon you helped remove from our atmosphere! Our farm does not rely on ground water for irrigation and through our work with rain water harvesting and soil-building we are slowing, spreading and sinking every single drop of rain!

Regenerative Agriculture Image

The Production Process

In order to achieve the production of a such high quality olive oil we are following the best possible practices at every stage of the process

Planting Image


Before we plant anything, we “plant” the rain!
With an average of 250mm of rain per year our farm has to harvest every single drop! We are using a diversity of rain water harvesting techniques from dams to gabions etc.

Growing Image


n Atsas we like to say that we do not grow trees but we grow soil, the trees are growing themselves!
The most complex and important eco-system in the world is below our feet! Our work consists in maximising the diversity and quantity of soil life, this provides our trees with the best nutrition possible while retaining water for the longest period of time.

Harvesting Image


Harvest time is the most important time on the farm! We harvest very early compare to the regular olive oils, for Atsas as early as late August and for 7 Elies in late September. We harvest very gently by hand to avoid any bruising of the fruit and we bring the olives very quickly, within half an hour, to our mill.

Processing Image


Our mill uses “state of the art” two phase system. Our facility is on the farm, allowing the shortest time possible from tree to mill.
Contrary to the commonly used practices our olives are milled without heat or addition of water. We are milling every batch of olives individually and very carefully, constantly checking every parameter, our expertise combined with best farming practices, allow us to produce the Healthiest Olive Oil in the world! (holding the world record since 2016!)

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