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Our vision is centered on the use of the discipline of regenerative farming. Our philosophy, which focuses on a twofold objective, involves the production of premium organic extra virgin olive oil and the design of agricultural ecosystems that are resilient, diverse and long-lasting.

Blending our philosophy and vision together, we have created a premium product line which boasts a selection of superior quality extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil with high levels of phenolic compounds.


Based in Evrychou, Cyprus, the farm enjoys favorable conditions as it stands in a unique, largely untouched area, which extends within the UN buffer zone.

Atsas farm is exclusively employing certified organic cultivation methods and advanced agroeconomic techniques to produce premium-quality and high-phenolic extra virgin olive oil, while protecting, sustaining and enhancing the surrounding natural environment.


Atsas Organic Products Ltd stands out for the premium assortment of organic products it produces and trades, namely Atsas Silver Edition, Atsas Gold Blend Edition, Atsas Limited Edition, 7 Elies and Atsas natural food supplement.

Aiming to better serve our customers, we strictly follow eco-friendly cultivation rules and production procedures that safeguard the organic label and superior quality of our multi-awarded extra virgin olive oil, which we distribute to a growing clientele across all continents.


Atsas Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural food supplement, with unique nutritional properties. It is produced from fresh green olives which are harvested early, while they are still unripe, and pressed by cold pressing to give a perfectly balanced olive oil characterized by a high nutritional value. Atsas natural food supplement is available in elegant and intelligent packaging that makes daily consumption convenient.


The term Permaculture, that derives from the combination of the words permanent and (agri)culture, involves the harmonious collaboration between humans and nature in pursuit of making agriculture sustainable, long-lasting and resilient. Permaculture incorporates a selection of methods that aim to mimic the way nature works, and limits techniques that may be harmful to the ecosystem.



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